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Natural sugars are the naturally occurring sugars found in whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, honey and some grains. The World health organization classifies natural sugars such as honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit juice from concentrates as "free sugars", the ones that we should limit in our diet, they provide few vital nutrients and typically little fiber.

Sugar can be called many different names. Agave nectar; coconut sugar; honey; maple syrup; raw sugar; glucose; stevia, equal, fructose; dextrose,and the list goes on.

Sugar taste sweet to our senses, but in fact it is actually bitter for the body. Sugar causes a change in the hearts muscle protein, which can lead to heart failure. Sugar causes aging of the cells. Sugar slows down the immune system. Sugar generates cancer causing compounds. Sugar cause a decline in tissue elasticity and function. Sugar affect the functionality of blood proteins albumin and lipo-proteins resulting in the bodies inability to handle fat and cholesterol. Sugar in excess is stored as fat resulting in obesity and type 2 diabetes.

What can You Do? 1. Look at what you drink- water is the best drink and its free. 2. Use fruit for sweetness. 3. Decrease or eliminate processed foods. 4. Avoid sauces with added sugars. 5. Eat full fat foods. 6. Eat whole foods. 7. Eat more protein. 8. Read labels, especially those that claim "healthy" snack food.

The bottom line: Most people get too much Sugar in their diet. Over time the health risks of SUGAR is a high price to pay. Take a moment and think before you reach for that Donut. Think about the message your giving when you arrive at the meeting with a box of processed food.

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