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Many believe that living longer only brings more years of disability. To the contrary, regular healthy behaviors can help you grow old more slowly, avoid age related diseases, disability and improve your longevity.

We know that aging is likely to cause wrinkles and gray hair, but it also affects your teeth, heart, and sexuality.

Together we will learn the benefits of HEALTHY AGING!

* 1st Make room for HEALTHY AGING. Get rid of processed foods, candy, cake, soda, chips, etc.

* 2nd Decrease your daily carbohydrate intake. Replace potatoes, rice, bread and pasta for more vegetables, healthy fat and protein.

* 3rd Start increasing your daily activity. Take a walk, dance to your favorite song. “A Body in Motion, Stay in Motion.”

* 4th Meditate, practice mindfulness, breath, relax and enjoy the ride as we travel the road

leading to HEALTHY AGING!!!

TIP: Increase your daily water intake. Average daily fluid intake for men is about 12 cups and for women about 9 cups. (1 cup =8 ounces) If you do not like the taste of water try flavored carbonated or sparkling water. READ THE LABEL! NO SUGAR! NO CARBOHYDRATES! Better still make your own and save money and the planet.



Next time we will check our progress and learn more about HEALTHY AGING.

Welcome to this wonderful journey!!

Questions and Comments welcome.

Disclaimer: Consult your PCP. Information provided is based on personal experience.

2 grams carb Breakfast: Spinach Eggs and Smoked Salmon

Enjoy with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Don't forget to drink your water.


Carbohydrates increase blood sugar. Carbs=Sugar!

A Low carb diet can manage Diabetes. It can improve blood sugar management, decrease medication needs and reduce complications.

Try to intake 50-100 grams of Carbohydrates daily. Include 1-2 seafood meals each week. Choose grass fed meat. Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily to help decrease weight and belly fat.

Don't forget to drink your water!!!

Bacon, Kale and Egg Frittata: 24g fat; 8g carbs; 27 g protein (substitute bacon for meat of choice)

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