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A lot of our time is spent worrying. Stress at times seems to rule our life. We need to actively learn to relax and live life instead of enduring it. Living Care -Free means enjoying a life where your not burdened with worry and don't feel overwhelmed with stress. Learn how to increase your activity, manage and decrease stress, and stay Care-Free. We live in a society that is riddled with anxiety. Worrying about trivial things, giving material things more weight than they deserve, concerning ourselves with what others think/feel, ruminating about what may or may not happen, which causes many sleepless/restless nights. It is important to be aware of our mental status and monitor our thoughts to gauge if those thoughts are leading to anxiety.

To cultivate an attitude that promotes happiness and make us worry free takes having a balance between work and fun. Make time for fun/relaxation, spend time smelling the roses and feeling the rain, spend time with people that are positive, learn to enjoy your own company, identify stressors and eliminate (friends, lovers, family or work) or decrease if you can't avoid. STOP worrying about things out of your control, realize that you control your reaction to people /situations, do things because you want to do them, realize and acknowledge that you don't owe anyone anything, laugh and don't take things so serious, like the Joker said "WHY SO SERIOUS?"

Be a forward thinker, don't put the past on repeat. We have only one life, that life is yours. Take charge of it and BE CARE FREE! A CARE FREE LIFE IS AN ACTION, so what are you waiting for?

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