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Hartford Connecticut was founded February 1640 by 163 men and women. The settlement was originally called Newtown, but was changed to Hartford in 1637. In 1860, Hartford was the site of the first "Wide Awakes," abolitionist supporters of Abraham Lincoln. The states first African American regiment, 29th Regiment, won many important battles and became one of the first union regiments to march through the confederate capital of Richmond. In the 1700's , New London county held more slaves than anywhere else in New England. Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison referred to our state as the "Georgia of New England". The birth and home of America's Insurance Industry, Colt Manufacturing, Royal Typewriter, The Fuller Brush Company, the Pope Bicycle Company and many other industries, after the American Civil War, Hartford was the richest city in the United States for several decades. It was a major destination for three generations of Southern African-American migrants seeking prosperity. Today, it is an honor to share the Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers of the U.S. Army 9th and 10th Calvary Regiments in Hartford, promoting African-American Excellence through Distinguished Community Service and safe motorcycle riding.

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Hartford, CT, USA